L+F Wedding // Afternoon tea with my lovely bridesmaids at Tea Bone Zen Mind!

Friday, December 19, 2014


Oh gosh i've been "away" from my blog for so long it feels almost weird to be back blogging! Finally #FideLeonWedding is over and we're back from our 18 days long honeymoon, love love love London and Zurich, but Paris is pretty much one big epic fail. I'll blog about that separately but for now i've got tonnes of wedding related posts to go through! (:


About 2 weeks prior to the wedding, I had an afternoon tea sessions with my 4 awesome bridesmaid and i brought them to Tea Bone Zen Mind, a secretive little awesome space that Gwennie introduced to me a couple years back on my birthday and it has always been on my mind and i've finally found the occasion to bring everyone there again!

This place is seriously cool and you literally won't know it exist even if you walk right past it because it literally don't even have a signboard! Even when i got there, i did a double take and was wondering if I was at the right place hahaha

I've only been to the previous Tea Bone Zen Mind 
before they moved here so it's quite a treat for me too!

Didn't get enough of teas? Or found the tea "of your dreams" during the tea sampling session?
You can literally tea shop to your heart's content with shelves after shelves of teas!

Aww So adorable! Instead of the typical boring kois, they have huge fatty bubbling goldfishes in the pond!

Our view from our tearoom

Here are my gorrrrrgeous bridesmaids, Carrie, Nadnut, Gwennie, Shirley!


Got some cute daisy studs (i have a pair myself too!) as a teeny weenie thank you for being my bridesmaids prezzie in these cute macaron boxes.

So basically I wanted to meet up with the girls to pass them their bridesmaid outfits, ClubCouture very kindly sponsored these hot pink customized off-shoulder top with a sweetheart neckline, i got them a gold waist belt each to "complete" the look!

Aww trying out their outfits to see if it fits!

oh their tea eggs here.. are to DIE FOR! Seriously, i don't think anybody would not finish the egg + every single last drop of that tea egg broth.

Muahaha feeling devilish as we plan our gatecrash gates, we came up with ideas and took it down and I typed it out when i got home and each of them picked one game to be in-charged off so it's easier! We did this for nadnut's wedding and i thought it was a really great idea rather than the hassle of everybody doing the games all together and headache about who to bring what prepare what etc!

PS: Not sure if you've noticed? 

But I was wearing the off shoulder top from Club Couture for my bridemaids, they were very sweet to pass me one too! But our shoulder straps have been adjusted since then so it fits better! (:

★ Eat: Tea Bone Zen Mind

98 Emerald Hill Road 

Contact: 63344212 
Hours : Mon-Sat 11 am -7pm 

By appointment only for tea sessions.

Went for steamboat + MacD ice cream and bitch till midnight with our future #Punggolians.

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.

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